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Gemstone Bracelet with Gold Squirrel

Gemstone Bracelet with Gold Squirrel

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Stretch gemstone bracelet 4mm beads with 14k gold plated squirrel charm. Available on other gemstone bracelets.

Gemstone Meanings:

White Howlite - Calms the mind, gives focus & teaches patience, relieves stress.

Rose Quartz - Unconditional love, self-love, family & friendships, healing of the heart, peace & comfort.

Jasper (Rainforest) - Provides support during stressful & emotional times, helps heal the heart and soul.

Turquoise – Protection stone providing courage and strength. Brings good luck.

Amazonite – Calming, alleviates worry and fear. Dispels negative energy.

Labradorite – Promotes communication and empowers the mind to use it to its full potential.

Amethyst - Protection stone, guards from negative energy, soothing and calming.

Black Lava Rock - Gives strength & courage to support during times of change.

Tiger’s Eye - Releases fear and anxiety, encourages courage and self-confidence and will-power.


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